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TXR Reefer Monitoring and Control System

All-In-One solution for Container, Truck/Trailer, Coolrooms, etc...

Direct Connection to your Refrigerated Cargo

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Seamless Communications

Powered by Cellular & GPS technology

Global coverage via the vast mobile network (2G, 3G, 4G).

Two-Way Communication
Complete control of the reefer container.

Secure Data Logging
Independent logging and storage of data.

GPS Location
Remotely monitor reefer container location.

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TXR Reefer Software

Absolute control of your products from a single platform !
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Main Features

Some of the TXR Reefer features ...

To suit the harsh conditions
of the refrigerated container industry.

Fully encrypted network
for peace of mind.

Remote Management
Send commands remotely and
monitor all sensor information.

Maintenance & Diagnostics
Perform Pre-Trips and
monitor the results in

Monitor all alarms
and receive alerts via
SMS and email in real-time.

Internal Battery
Monitor the container
while the reefer
power is off.

Create customised reports
instantly to suit your needs.

Performance Analysis
Clean and intuitive tables and graphs
based on Logged Sensor Data.

Monitor your reefer fleet location and
define Geo-Zone based events.

Multi-level User Access
Create new users and assign
individual permission levels.

API Integration
Adapt into your own
software application.

Firmware Update
Update your modules remotely
through your browser.

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The TXR Reefer System

All-in-one Tool for Reefer Fleet Management and Maintenance

The TXR Reefer system is a M2M/IoT based platform for reefer monitoring and control, allowing users complete visibility and control of their refrigerated cargo at any time. Implementation of the TXR Reefer technology can lead to significant savings in maintenance and repair costs, loss prevention, and allows for the provision of a customisable, specialised, reefer monitoring service for end-customers.

The core of the TXR system is an all-in-one hardware module that connects the reefer unit (Container, Truck/Trailer, Coolroom, etc...) to the Internet via a secure encrypted connection, using mobile network technology. The module connects directly to the existing reefer controller allowing Two-Way control and real-time monitoring of all available technical data. This allows for preventative maintenance action as all alarms are reported on event, by SMS and Email.

TXR Reefer’s Two-Way reefer control allows the user to perform remote reefer maintenance functions and remote diagnostics. Critical technical variables can be monitored from any Internet connection: fixed locations such as Office or Home, or from mobile locations using a Smart-phone or Tablet. The system also permits the user to create customised Reports, at the click of a button at any time – reducing the need for manual recording of temperatures or other important variables.

The TXR Reefer system is 'the All-In-One Missing Link to your Refrigerated Assets' ...

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